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Programming is the set of instructions and process or the execution of these instruction to get the desired output. There are various types of programming software, by using which we can do programming, such as:

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Dev c++

Dev C++ Assignment Help
The programming starts with c/c++. It is a basic platform to start the programming. Dev c++ is written in Delphi and developed by bloodshed Software. There is GCC compiler, which compiles the code and makes it executable to get the output. The GCC stands for “GNU compiler collection”. The Dev c++ is free software, which we can download and run on our personal computer. The by-default location of Dev c++ installation in our pc is C:\Dev-Cpp. The extension of Dev c++ program is .cpp where we can identify the Dev c++ program. There are two ways of executing the program. First we have to write the program and press the run on software. Second is by command line, go to directory of the program by the command line and run it.
It is desktop software which we can develop the desktop game or command line game.


Eclipse Homework Help
There is another platform for programming that is eclipse. Eclipse is for java, where we can develop the desktop application. Java is class-based and object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s, and it is free and open-source software to download. There are many versions of eclipse like “Eclipse Europa package”, “Eclipse Ganymede Package”, “Eclipse SR1 Package”, “Eclipse SR2 Package”,” Eclipse Galileo Package” and “Eclipse Helios Package”.
It is used to develop in java, c++, C#, PHP etc. Eclipse is used in creating web, desktop and cloud IDEs. With eclipse, we can also develop the mobile application, just to import some features of android studio.


Netbean Assignment Help
Netbean is an integrated development environments for java. Netbean is free and open source software,which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris operating system. In netbean, we can drag and drop to make the frontend and backend, we will do programming in particular view. There is a list of netbean version like “Netbean 8.1”, “Netbean 8.2”, “Netbean 9.0”and “Netbean 10.0”. The netbean can support many languages, like: c/c++, xml, html and PHP. The main thing of netbean is that it is quick user interface development. Netbean can be used to develop desktop application, mobile application and web application.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Homework Help
Visual studio is another software for programming. It supports java.It is an integrated development environment from Microsoft. Visual studio is written in c#(c sharp) and c++. It is a free software to download,which is great for c++ for lightweight tool to edit. Visual studio is available in different language like “Chinese”, “English”, ”French”, “ Italian” and “Japanese ”. Visual studio supports 36 different programming language and can edit the code. There are three edition Community, enterprise and professional. The version of visual studio is 16.4.1, 16.5.0 etc.
Visual studio is used for desktop application, websites, web app, web services and mobile app.


Notepad Homework HelpNotepad can be said IDE when we do programming for specific. It is a generic text editor. With notepad we can create different programming with different program extension. Notepad can be downloaded, but it is built in in the window, we just search in search bar. It is developed by Don ho in September 2003.There is a new version of notepad that is notepad++. It is a new version with colorful design.
Notepad is first ide where we do the programming for java or c++. We can compile and run it by command line. It will create a desktop application and command line application.

Android Studio

Android Studio Homework Help

Android studio is IDE where we can use java and xml. It is for Google’s android operating system. It is built on jet Brains intelligent idea software. In this, we can develop offline application, which means where there is no internet and online application.It means where there is need of internet. For android studio, we need the JDK (Java development kit), where we can use the ide and develop the application. The android studio versions are 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5. There are four layers of architecture diagram. First application, application framework content java classes, libraries, android runtime content “Dalvik virtual machine” and Linux kernel content hardware drivers.
Android studio is used to develop the mobile applications like whatsapp, Facebook and candy crush mobile game.

R Studio

R Studio Assignment Help

R is the integrated development kit and used for statistical computing and graphics. RStudio is developed by Studio Inc. a commercial enterprise and founded by JJ Allaire. R is different than other software, like it has no graphical user interface, which means there isn’t any button or menu, but R is totally on command to text editor. RStudio is free software and we can download it for our personal computer. R is object based language, which means the value which we will get after import the data will be object. In this, we can import the dataset in two ways. First is to download and read it and store it in the database. Second is first download it and then read it.


Weka Homework Help

Weka is the name of a bird and named after a flightless New Zealand bird. It is a set of machine learning algorithms that are directly used on data with different techniques like clustering, association rules and visualization. It is a free software and we can download it forour personal computer.It was developed at the University of Waikato New Zealand. It can be used for data mining. In this, there is no requirement of importing the technique like RStudio, just click the technique in it. The new version of Weka is 3.9.4 and old version is 3.8.4. It is available for Windows, OS X, Linux and written in java.


Pycharm Assignment Help

Pycharm is an integrated development environment and used for python language. It is developed by Czech company JetBrains. It is written in java and python. For Pycharm, we have to install the python, but if you are using macOS or Linux then python is already installed in it. There are two editions of Pycharm. First is community and second is professional. Pycharm is available for windows, macOS and Linux version. In this, we can add the Apis so that we can add the plugin to add more features.
It is used for desktop application and data science project, and also for the machine learning.

Turbo C++

Turbo C++ Assignment Help

It is an integrated development environment from Borland. It is available for windows explorer. It uses the Borland compiler to compile the program. It was developed in May 1990. It is not used now a days, because there isn’t any third party in it. There are two editions community and free.
Turbo c++ develops the command line project.


Atom Assignment Help

It is open source cross platform editing and available for Windows, Linux and OS X. It is developed in 26 Feb 2014 and new version is 1.42. It is written in electron (back end), coffee script, javascript and html (front end). First, it was released for macOS 10.9 and after for windows7 and later Linux. It will use git or GitHub for packages. We can also call it hackable text and source code editor for Linux. In this we can plug in the third party.
Atom is used for website front end.


Anaconda Homework Help

It is free and open source distribution for python and R programming language. It is written in python. It has more than 100 packages, which we can use in our program and make it more flexible. In this, there are many ide like spyder, jupyter, jupyter notebook, Orange etc.
It is used for data science, machine learning, large scale data processing and predictive analytics.


Bootstrap Assignment Help

It is an open source software and used for responsive websites and mobile first application using css, html and js.In this, there is drag and drop facility, where we can make the program easily with timesaving. The main thing for bootstrap is that it is for front end web framework, plug in and pre-built components. The new version of bootstrap is bootstrap 4. It is completely free and can download for our personal computer. The author is Mark Otto, Jcob Thornton and the developer are bootstrap core team. The first release was in 19 Aug 2011.


WordPress Homework Help

WordPress is the cms, which means that it is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. The first release was developed in May 27 2003, and new version is 5.3.2. It is available for Windows, Linux and UNIX-like, which is written in PHP. With this we will use Xampp software for database. WordPress will use and make the database to store the content. In WordPress, we can plug in the theme and sue it, and can also plug in some features. It is free and can be download for the personal computer. It is used for designing the website as well as the blog pages.

Evolution of Programming as a Discipline:

Evolution of Programming Assignment Help


The execution of instructions of algorithms in form of coding notations, so that computer can understand these instructions, known as programming. To implement these instructions given in algorithms, we need different programming languages. Each programming language has its own pros and cons, but we stilluse them to solve different problems. These programing language helps in the development of the different software and applications which people can use in their respective fields. Each programming language has many frameworks to develop these different applications according to the software requirement.

Importance of Programming

Importance of Programming Assignment

In an era of development and automation, programming is considered to increase the performance and enhances the system’s ability in order to achieve maximum output by given them less input. We use programming to automate different time taking tasks, analyze the data and output the information accurately. In daily life of human, programming can develop the applications which can help the human.

Beginning of Programming

The difference engine by Charles Babbage, is the first engine which can be used to execute the calculations. This machine is considered as an earliest programming language of computer, which exists in the physical form.

Programming Languages Types

Programming Languages Types Assignment Help

Following are the some evaluation of programming languages form the beginning of programming languages till languages of programming today. These are the languages, which make different innovations in the discipline of information technology. Each technology in any of the discipline, just because of programming languages and evolution in programming languages.

Assembly Language

Assembly Language Assignment Help

Assembly language is the first programming language, which is specific to each computer architecture. This can convert instructions of coded algorithm to run it on machine. It is the low level programming language. It is a difficult language as compared to the language which we use in this era of computing. These instructions in form machine understandable so we can also call it machine level language. Machine understandable language is 0’s and 1’s that is why the instructions we gave to processor are converted into the 0's and 1’s

FORTRAN Language

It is the oldest language among the programming languages. This is the first language, which can perform high level computations. Commands of this language is very few like “if”, “do” and “goto” statements, but considered as a big step towards the programming future. It performs calculations but cannot handle the input and output of the most problems.

COBOL Language

COBOL Language Assignment Help

To overcome the flaw of handling the input and output of the FORTRAN language, COBOL was developed and is known as the language of businessman. The syntax of the COBOL language is similar to the English language syntax, which makes it easy to understand and learn easily. Most of the system uses this language to communicate with business transaction. It is used in telephone calls, hospital system, automotive and traffic system.

C Language

C Language Homework Help

C was the first language, which was used in the operating system of UNIX type. But after a few years, the development in this language made it a popular language among programmers as it is a language which a human can understand easily and make changes in it easily. The execution of this language is very fast as it was designed according to the human’s understanding and machine coding or language as we have discussed before. C is the language, which can be used to develop popular system applications to handle different business problems and perform faster than the languages developed before. The drawback of the C language is that it doesn’t handle the concepts and functionality of object oriented programming, which has the most importance in programming.

C is the language, which is used to develop different operating systems and software’s like compilers, database, network applications and new programming languages. This language is used when we require direct access to the hardware or to perform fast with limited systematic resources.

C++ Language

C++ Language Assignment Help

C++ is developed after one decade of development of the C Language with enhancement in the C language. It enhanced the c language by using the concept of object oriented programming, which can increase the power of C language and is run on different machines easily as It uses all the functionality of object oriented programming like encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism etc. It is the language used to develop games, simulations and many more as C language can develop applications. C++ used everywhere, mainly in embedded and systematic programming.

Matlab Programming

Matlab Programming Homework Help

Matlab programming is an environment in which advanced computation, visualization and programming can be performed easily. It is developed to easily access the matrix without using any dimensioning and performing high level computation on them.It is used to develop small and large complete complex applications. It uses application program interface of different languages. It is widely used image processing as images are in the form of matrices so that Matlab can perform all calculations on these images easily and effectively. It is also used in processing of digital signals and many other applications, which needed high calculations.

HTML Language

HTML Language Assignment Help

It is the first language, which can be displayed on the internet I.e. The World Wide Web means that each page or content we see on the internet is created using HTML language. Html lets the browser to display the content or else the browser doesn’t display the content.

Perl Language

The concept to develop Perl language is to manipulate text, but it can be used in many other applications like network programming, Graphical User Interface development and many more. Perl is first, which integrates the third party databases.

CSS Language

CSS Language Assignment Help

It is a language, which is developed due to an increase or implementation of the styling on the HTML web page, which we have described above. It brings the evolution in web pages as we can generate the content of these pages to attract the user interface. It increases the content of HTML page to the users, visually.

Python Language

The main purpose of developing this language is to reducethe number of lines of code, which enables the programmer to read the code easily and execute much faster. It almost supports each paradigm of the programming. Python is used for developing new applications, scripting and testing the software applications etc.Python Language Homework Help This less coding but more functionality makes python the best language among the C++ and java languages today. Python is used on every type of applications whether they are desktop applications orweb based applications, scripts like general programming or testing scripts, machine learning applications or Chabot, blockchain, internet of things or cloud computing.It is the language, which is known as the evolution in programming as a discipline. Without this language we can develop all the applications, but with a lot of code and with much time consumption for developing these applications. This is reason that python is a very versatile language.

PHP Language

PHP Language Assignment Help

Before the steady existence of Python, PHP was the language which was used for the web development, which is why it is also known as the server side scripting. PHP offers to develop dynamic web pages according to the applications’ users and their requirements. The core purpose of developing this language is to create dynamic pages, which can be easily integrated with html and database. PHP is widely used by many applications as backend development for displaying the content of different pages dynamically, along with an interaction of database like MySQL. PHP is almost used in web development of every type of application.

JAVA Language

JAVA Language Homework Help

After the development of C++ language, which handles all types of applications; java is another language, which can be used to develop all types of applications by using a lot of its predefined libraries. It was designed to be used easily as previous languages like C or C++ or python, while python was not as popular at the time of the development of java. Along these features of C and C++ languages, Java provides a vast variety of features, which makes this language popular among the programmers. Java has been ruling as the best programming language for two decades. Java is the first largest evolution in the programming field. Java gave many frameworks to develop all kinds of applications in any field, to help the users in working with an ease. Java application is used in the development of hospital system, enterprise level applications, embedded systems, android applications and many other applications. Java has brought an evolution in cellular devices, as it was the first to create thethe android applications.

JavaScript Language

JavaScript Language Assignment Help

JavaScript is a language which is used in web development as client side scripting. It is used to develop dynamic pages with some special effects on pages, such as: search box, modal and similar features that we use to interact with the user on web pages of web applications, and also on the cellular android applications.

C# Language

C# was developed by Microsoft, because the creator of java didn’t want to make changes in it, so Microsoft developed this language. It requires .NET framework to work on windows. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft applications. It is used to develop net applications like console, web applications by using ASP.Net. the web framework of C#, windows applications, windows phone applications in short C# as Microsoft language is a complete product by Microsoft for developing applications, which use Microsoft’s features or functionality.


Programming languages are in development process as it is developed from starting and developed in the next coming years to bring the further evolution in this discipline of computer science. The development contains upcoming features so the programmer can easily use, understand and implement. We can see that the first language few features while latest programming language has a lot of features which developed according to the requirement and time. The latest technology was developed by the Microsoft, converted hand sketch of web page content converted into HTML language which is best evolution in the history of the development of web pages.

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